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  • “Each Christian and every community…are asked to obey his call to go forth from our own comfort zone in order to reach all the “peripheries” in need of the light of the Gospel.” (EG 20) For us, Xaverians in Sierra Leone, one of the “peripheries” that need the light of the Gospel is the world of the Mass Media. The media world is an instrument of evangelization, but it is also a world that needs to be evangelized. As a Region, we are committed to use this way to proclaim the truth and to unite people, not only in friendship, but also in promoting inter-religious dialogue, Justice and Peace, Catechesis, etc.
  • To implement the priority that emerged during the XVI General Chapter: “we should encourage…commitment to the new areopaguses, and to the mass media and social media”.(53.1)
  • To become a bridge that connects to other Xaverian resources: DG Website, Circumscription websites, Continental Study centers, Xaverian magazine/ media centers, Animation centers.
  • To animate the Local Church with our missionary charism, transmitting to them our ‘specific’ contribution: help them to build a missionary Parish, to be an evangelizing Church; to look beyond their boundaries and reach out to the outskirts of humanity.
  • For us Xaverians, this web page should be an instrument for our ongoing formation.
  • Young people in different parts of the world, especially in Sierra Leone, are living in this huge network. As a Region, we would like to be present, interacting and dialoguing with them in this social media world.