We all almost daily hear people complaining often bitterly about the difficult life they experience with their families, their places of work and their health problems. It is a sad reality the fact that our people too often have a hard labour and are overburdened exactly how Jesus talks in today gospel.

People are always in search for a solution for their problems very often trying to bypass the difficulties by using means that at first could give a temporary relieve: lies, corruption, stealing, hiding themselves from other people. At the end though they find themselves in a bigger troubles and they are condemned to a miserable lives in this world. Only Jesus has the right solution “Come to me and I will give you rest”.

They are very simple words that it looks like understandable by everybody but Jesus warns us that the meaning of his words is hidden for the wise and the earned who follow the mentality of this world and presume to have the solution of every problem through the powerful means of today science and technology ignoring God’s words.

For Jesus the “little ones” are those who not trusting in themselves but putting their trust in God by listening to his words and putting them into practice are able to achieve a Christian mentality and find in Jesus the true teachers who can give sense to our problems and sufferings and gives us the true rest. Jesus is the one who makes us know his merciful and loving Father always close to us especially in moment of trouble, suffering and fear, who can give us the courage to go through the challenges of life with confidence and not feel overburdened all the time.

This was a very strong experience that we all made during the civil war when many of us were running for our lives, hiding in the bush and finding comfort and security in prayer where the events of war met us for long years.

At the end of the war, when once again gathered in our churches, when people were asked “Who saved you during the war?. The government soldiers, the Ecomog, the mercenaries, the AK 47......” The only answer the crowd in Church was shouting was “God don save we, only papa God”.

And so the words of the first reading were and are today comforting: “Rejoice heart and soul...shout with gladness...See now, your King comes to you... He will proclaim peace for the nations...”.

So here the invitation of St. Paul in the 2° reading today “ Your interests are not in the unspiritual but in the spiritual, since the Spirit of God made his home in you” is an invitation to go always to Jesus when we encounter problems and troubles in life sure that he will give us comfort and whatever overburdens us will become a yoke that is easy and a burden that is light.