God knows very well who we are. He does not hesitate to call us to be of service to his name and to his Kingdom. In the First Reading, Eliakim was chosen by God to be the administrator of the King in Jerusalem. He was given the key to open and close the gates or doors of the house of David in Jerusalem. Eliakim was an ordinary man who was designated by God. In the second reading, God calls the Gentiles to be part of the church. He opens the doors for them. In the Gospel, Simon Son of Jonah, was called “Blessed” by Jesus not because he answered a “one million dollar” question but because the heavenly Father has revealed the answer to him. From that moment he was not the simple fisherman again but he is now Peter, The Rock.

The readings remind us simply that God does not tired in trusting human beings. Jesus gives them responsibilities like to Eliakim, to the Gentiles and to Simon Peter. They are chosen not because they are the best but simply because God loves them and he wants to use them to reach out to His people. This reality is applicable to all of us.

This month of August from 1st to 20th 2017 in Tavernerio, Italy our congregation celebrated the XVII General Chapter: 42 Xaverian delegates from different countries all over the world gathered to evaluate the work of our congregation and most of all to elect the Superior General and his council. Tavernerio, Italy is the Caesarea Philippi for us, Xaverian Missionaries. There they elected Fr. Fernando Garcia from Spain as our New Superior General. His councillors are: Fr. Mario Mula as the Vicar General, Fr. Eugenio Pulcini from Italy as a Councillor, Fr. Fabien Kalehezo from Congo as a Councillor and Fr. Javier Peguero from Mexico as a Councillor. For sure they will agree with me that they are not worthy to be in this position but like Peter they are blessed and entrusted by God with the task of governing the congregation. In his first message to the Chapter delegates as General Superior, Fr. Garcia expressed his gratitude “First of all, it is necessary to thank God, who is at the origin of our being: He gave us life, the Spirit, everything, and gave us the gifts necessary to do all the work of this chapter.” Like Peter, Fr Garcia recognizes his and the council’s limits, therefore he asked the delegates, “On behalf of the Council, help us do the work you have entrusted to us in this chapter. If you see things that are not going well, tell us openly; Have the courage to say it in fraternity and openness (rather than talking behind our backs), also using the available communication tools. Even in our visits, it will be an occasion for us to speak and listen. We are poor and limited, and we need to be helped.”

We wish the new General Direction all the best in the Lord!

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