When I was a child during summer with my brothers and sisters, my Father used to send us to our farm to weed out the grass. We were all excited to go. But then, it was tiring to weed out because of the scorching sun. We just went and stayed under the shades of the mango tree and played. Then we ate our lunch. We came back home at 5 o'clock as if we had really worked. This I relate to the gospel story today.


Our life is full of contrasts. It is also full of metaphors. We try to search the meaning of it. I remember the lines of a song composed by a friend of mine. “Round and around the wind will blow nobody knows where it comes or where it goes into the sea the river will flow yet the ocean never overflow out of love He created you and me why could it be there are still pains and misery sometimes life is like chasing in the wind sometimes is useless has no meaning”.

I am saying this because the Gospel of this Sunday is about the parable of the two sons. One answered, 'Yes' to his Father but he did not go to the farm. The other answered, 'No' but he did go to the farm. Neither of them was a good son. Because if there is the third one that said, “Yes” and did go, he is the good and the ideal son.

This is obeying the will of God and doing it wholeheartedly without any reservation in our part. 'The thoughts of God are not our thoughts. The ways of God are not our ways' (Is. 55:6-9). Why does Jesus speak this parable of contrast? Because we people have different thoughts to those of God. We have our own ways, different to the ones of God. Our lives have many complications and inconsistencies. Some people claim that they believe in God but their hearts are full of mischief and deceit. Others say, we are not religious. We don't go to Church. We are sinners. But, then, they are living a good life, with good intentions of carrying out their duties honestly and responsibly.

In the second reading today St. Paul says, 'be the same as Christ' (Phil. 2:5). 'Count others better than yourself' (Phil. 2:3). 'Look for the interest of others and not your own' (Phil. 2:4).

 To obey the will of the Father and to do it with our yes and yes, is another challenging experience. But we have to do it. In order that our duties be carried out faithfully. That our lives be guided by Christ in relationship with others. We have to listen and discern well the will of the Father, because our commitment to Him is a commitment of love.

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